Day 40/365: 3rd Day of My Last Retreat
Had to clean up our “prank” in the morning and oh my goodness did Karma get us hard. The hearts we stuck on the wall left behind a bunch of marks and we all stood around trying to rub it off. Jesse got a blister. I feel bad! Haha but so grateful for the guys that were nice and helped us clean up.
Allyson’s Back to Reality talk was so freakin amazing. She was like one of those speaker’s at Synergy or NCYC.
Affirmations was so cute and funny. Sucks not getting to stay with my retreat small group when classes start again.
On the drive home we stopped for pie at Mom’s! And then after we belted Frozen songs at the top of our lungs.
Had to cantor for retreat mass…..didn’t go so well HAHA. But Allyson, Joanne, and Jed were super supportive :’) Had to cantor AGAIN for 5 o’ clock mass and it was better. Totally about to pass out during church because I was exhausted.
Had pizza with PAW in Jed’s office after mass. Any time PAW is together you best believe that we break out in song.
Went home and knocked out at 8.

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