Day 39/365: 2nd Day of My Last Retreat
Emily and I came ONE MINUTE late for breakfast so they made us do the teapot dance -_- whatever. We ain’t ashamed!
Loved getting to hear Jessica talk about love and self-respect again!
Tony & Ashley <3
Did another 15 second cover with Joanne of I’ll Follow You Into the Dark
Emily and I went to decorate the guys’ hallway upstairs in Milner. The theme was Valentine’s Day. It turned out reeaaally cute! Emily has pictures!
Adoration was so amazing. Everyone was singing so loud. Teared up a bit thinking about how this is my LAST retreat as a junior facilitator.
Reconciliation skit was aight. I liked my part though :D “Which. class.”
I love PAW so much!!!
Did Roy and Jesse’s makeup when we got back to our cabins. Oh. My. Gah. They looked like girls HAHA it was amazing.

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